Just for Men

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Mens’s Haircut A luxurious wash with precision haircut  45 minutes $32.00 – $35.00 

Men’s hair blending  An enriched hair treatment that restores the hair’s pigments to blend away grey hair for men.  15 minutes  $20 – $30.00 

Gentleman’s Facial

This treatment specifically targets clogged pores, sensitivity, and razor burn while promoting total relaxation. This facial includes deep cleansing, steaming, and extraction. As a final step, a treatment mask is applied to refine the pores, soothe and hydrate the skin.
60 Minutes – $85.00

Executive Massage
This deluxe massage treatment is designed to deliver ultimate relaxation to the working man. Incorporating a Swedish style massage, reflexology for the feet, and an intense hydrating hair/scalp treatment, this massage reduces tension in the muscles and eliminates stress from head-to-toe. During the massage, relaxation is heightened with a blend of essential oils designed to fight fatigue and calm nerves.    60 minutes $120.00

 Spa Sports Manicure

Recommended for any athlete looking to clean and condition the nails and hands. Nails are clipped and cleaned with optional buff shine. Seawater concentrate is applied to the hand and cuticles before setting hand in a warm mitt to soften the skin. Cuticles are cleaned and trimmed, followed by hydrating hand massage. Great for people who are hard on their hands.  20 minutes – $20.00

Classic Sports Pedicure

Relax as you sit comfortably in a pedicure chair with a five-point massage that relaxes your back as your feet soak in a warm foot spa. Your feet are then treated to an exfoliation treatment, with warm towels, and a foot and leg massage. You will also receive maintenance of your nails and cuticles.  45 minutes – $35.00

Back, Shoulder Arm Waxing

Hair removal for athletes or just looking for a smoother and cleaner feel.  All can be done together or separate.    30 – 60 minutes – $40.00+


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