How do you spell whack a mole?

What is wack a mo?

Filters. (idiomatic) The practice of trying to stop something that persistently occurs in an apparently random manner at the point where the occurrence is noticed, such as terminating spammers’ e-mail accounts or closing pop-up advertisement windows.

What does whacked mean in England?

2 chiefly British : to get the better of : defeat. 3 slang : murder, kill. intransitive verb.

Where did the term whack-a-mole come from?

This term is based on a metaphor where an arcade game called Whac-A-Mole invites players to hit a series of pop-up animals with a mallet. Whack-a-Mole is a perfect metaphor for how people are medicated today. Friends, Whack-a-Mole is a metaphor for your life.

What do big moles mean?

Moles that are bigger than a common mole and irregular in shape are known as atypical (dysplastic) nevi. They tend to be hereditary. And they often have dark brown centers and lighter, uneven borders. Having many moles. Having more than 50 ordinary moles indicates an increased risk of melanoma.

What year did whack-a-mole come out?

The Whack-A-Mole game, which was invented in 1976, hasn’t lost its popularity. The Whack-A-Mole took a mallet to Coney Island’s other popular attractions this summer.

Is whack a bad word?

Whack meaning ‘hit’, as a noun and verb, is centuries old but remains informal compared to such synonyms as strike, blow, and knock. … This was followed by adjectival wack meaning bad, unfashionable, stupid or of low quality, as in the anti-drugs slogan Crack is wack.

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What does I’m whacked mean?

informal. very tired: Here’s a glass of wine, honey – you look whacked. US informal.

Is Wack good or bad?

“Whack,” or “Wack?” The answer is “wack.” The word meaning “bad, messed up, stupid, boring, dumb, uninteresting, unenjoyable, or otherwise not good” is spelled “wack.” The letter “H” is not involved.