How many calories are in a mole enchilada?

Is Mole good for diet?

According to the Institute of Medicine, mole sauce is an excellent source of Vitamin B, riboflavin, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and niacin. Chocolate is rich in flavonoids, helping to protect your cells and organs from free radicals, and it provides you with an energy boost.

How many calories are in mole chicken?

Nutrition Information

Nutrients Amount
Total Calories 425
Total Fat 29 g
Saturated Fat 8 g
Cholesterol 94 mg

Are enchiladas good for weight loss?

Best: Enchiladas

These are Mexican comfort food, but they’re waistline-friendly. Corn tortillas are wrapped around a filling and baked in a chili sauce. The chicken or veggie version has only about 300 calories. Order the kind with red or green sauce.

How many calories does mole verde have?

The nutrition for this meal includes 18 calories, 203 mg of sodium, and 4 g of carbs that come in a 1 oz serving size of the pickles.

Chicken Mole Verde w/ Spanish Brown Rice & Pickled Veggies (SPICY)

Serving Size 1 meal
Calories 445
Total Fat 9g
Saturated Fat 2g
Cholesterol 146mg

What do you put mole on?

Ways To Serve Mole Sauce:

Some classics could include: Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, nachos, etc. The sauce can be drizzled over or baked into a number of classic Mexican dishes. Stuffed peppers: Mole poblano is one of my favorite dishes, made with stuffed roasted poblano peppers.

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How many calories are in red rice?

Red rice vs White rice: Nutritional profile

Red Rice White Rice
Calories 189 kCal 204 kCal
Total Fats 0.32 grams 0.44 grams
Carbohydrates 42.55 grams 44.08 grams
Dietary Fibre 0.7 grams 0.6 grams

Are enchiladas healthy or unhealthy?

Are Enchiladas Healthy? Typically, enchiladas are not what one considers “healthy.” They’re loaded with a lot of heavy, saturated fat and refined carbs that make them something you don’t want to eat on THE REG.

Is Enchilada good or bad?

Due to their saucy and creamy nature, enchiladas are not generally the healthiest food to eat. However, not all chicken enchiladas are made the same way or filled with the same ingredients, and these enchiladas include healthier ingredients than most.

How many enchiladas is a serving?

Restaurant, Mexican, cheese enchilada – 1 serving serving size varied from 1 to 3 enchiladas.