How many moles of Ag are in Ag2O?

What is the number of atoms of silver in Ag2O?

Silver oxide is an inorganic chemical compound composed of two atoms of silver and one atom of oxygen. Molecular formula of silver oxide is Ag2O.

How do you find the number of moles in ag?

Divide the mass of the substance in grams by its molecular weight. This will give you the number of moles of that substance that are in the specified mass. For 12 g of water, (25 g)/(18.015 g/mol) = 0.666 moles.

How many moles are in 25.5 grams of silver?

25.5 g Ag 107.86 g Ag 1mol Ag x = 0.24 mol Ag Page 17 pg. 318 problem 13a How many atoms in 55.2 g Li ?

How does Ag2O react?

Description: When Ag2O is added to aldehydes, carboxylic acids are formed. This results in the formation of silver metal (“silver mirror”) a reaction known as the Tollens test.

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