How many moles would you have if you had 48g of oxygen?

How many moles are in 48g?

Answer and Explanation: There are 4 moles of C present in 48 g of C.

How many molecules are in 48g of O2?

Hence, 9. 033×1023. molecules are present in 48.0 grams of oxygen gas.

Is 16g of oxygen 1 mole?

Here, it is given that: 16 g of oxygen contains 1 mole of oxygen atoms. In simple terms we can say that: mass of 1 mole oxygen atom (W) = 16 g / mol.

How much oxygen is in a mole?

Moles of a Substance and the Molecular Weight

The mass of oxygen equal to one mole of oxygen is 15.998 grams and the mass of one mole of hydrogen is 1.008 g. If we total up the gram amounts of each element in the water molecule = 15.998g/mol + 2(1.008g/mol) we get the molar mass of water = 18.014g/mol.

How many grams are in 4 moles of oxygen?

4 moles of oxygen gas would be equivalent to 4 moles x 32 g/mole = 128 g. Thus, 4 moles of oxygen gas (O2) would have a mass of 128 g.

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What is the mass of 0.5 mole of oxygen gas?

Complete step by step answer:

-To calculate the mass of 0.2 moles of oxygen atom we should know the mass of a single atom of oxygen that is 16. -Therefore, the mass of 0.2 moles of oxygen atom is 3.2 grams and the mass of 0.5 moles of a water molecule is 9.0 grams.

How many atoms are in 48.0 moles of oxygen gas o2?

One mole of oxygen gas, which has the formula O2, has a mass of 32 g and contains 6.02 X 1023 molecules of oxygen but 12.04 X 1023 (2 X 6.02 X 1023) atoms, because each molecule of oxygen contains two oxygen atoms.

How many molecules are in 0.500 moles of anything?

1 mol of water contains 6.022 × 1023 H2O molecules Therefore 0.500 mol contains 0.500 × (6.022 × 1023) = 3.01 × 1023 H2O molecules.

What is the weight of 1 mole of oxygen?

Solution — Mass of one mole of oxygen molecule (O2) = molecular mass of oxygen molecule (O2) in gram = 32 g.

How many moles are in 16g of oxygen?

16 g i equal to 0.5 mole of oxygen molecule.

How many moles are there in 16 gram of oxygen gas?

Here, we are given with 16 g of oxygen. The number of molecules in 16 gm of oxygen are 0.5 (= 16/32 moles).

How many moles are in 8 kg of oxygen?

Conclusion: 8 g of oxygen is composed of 0.5 moles.

How many atoms are in 2 moles of oxygen?

There are 6×6.022×1023 atoms in 2.00⋅mol NO2(g) .

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