Is Thayers good for acne?

Is Thayers witch hazel good for acne?

Witch hazel, in the right form, is best for reducing inflammation and redness, so it can be used within skincare products to help minimize inflamed acne or breakouts. However, don’t mistake the ingredient for an acne treatment, since it won’t address the cause of your breakouts.

Which Thayers best for acne?

Looking for the best toner for acne? Thayers Coconut Water Toner features all of the benefits of witch hazel, plus added coconut water that is known to deeply hydrate and calm redness.

Does Thayers witch hazel make you break out?

Unfortunately, yes. If used too much, witch hazel can dry out your skin and lead to adverse acne effects. Dr. Shainhouse explains: “The dryness leads to skin irritation and can trigger rebound oil production, leaving skin oilier,” says Dr.

Can witch hazel make acne worse?

Can witch hazel make acne worse? Yes, it can. If skin is overly dry, one side effect is that you may experience an increase in blemishes due to your sebaceous glands overproducing oil in compensation. Acne can also worsen if witch hazel is not appropriate for your skin and causes further skin irritation.

Can I use Thayers toner everyday?

You can buy the Thayers Witch Hazel Spray or the squeeze bottle. I recommend the squeeze bottle so you can use it like a regular toner. Use once a day, I used it each morning after washing my face. Squeeze the toner on a cotton pad (or toilet paper if you’re lazy) and dab all over your face.

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How often should I use Thayers witch hazel?

How often should you use witch hazel toner? In general, Dr. Shamban says you can use your witch hazel toner anywhere from twice a week to every day, depending on how your skin responds. But when it comes to an alcohol-based astringent, don’t overdo it.

Does Thayers witch hazel clog pores?

However, this can come at a price: “The irritancy of witch hazel toners can trigger more oil production at the base of the pores,” warns Paula. “So, while you’ll see a short-term benefit of less oil, in the long-run daily use of witch hazel is capable of making skin more oily!