Where should I store my skincare?

Where do you store your skincare?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to keep your skincare products in a dark location, such as underneath your bathroom countertop or in another cabinet or drawer where they’ll be protected from the light.

How do you store skin care products?

As sunlight can speed up the breakdown of active ingredients, keeping your stash on a window sill or leaving them in the car isn’t a good idea. As a general rule, the best way to store your skincare is at room temperature and out of direct sunlight – in a cabinet, drawer, or lidded box.

Is it better to keep skincare in fridge?

There is no real reason to keep skincare products in a fridge. … “You don’t need to go so far as keeping your skincare in the fridge, but storing products at a constant temperature and preventing them becoming very warm will help them to maintain their beneficial ingredients for longer.

What skincare should not be refrigerated?

Sullivan suggests avoiding putting facial oils, oil-based makeups and moisturizers and clay products in a personal chiller, as cooler temperatures can cause a change in the color or consistency of these items.

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Should hyaluronic acid be refrigerated?

For other products such as hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers or sheet masks with vitamins, keeping them at cooler temperatures will enhance the experience of applying the products and level up your self-care ritual.

How do you increase the shelf life of homemade beauty products?

5 Tips for Preserving Handcrafted & Natural Body Care Products:

  1. Keep it Clean. Attention to cleanliness is key to maximizing shelf life. …
  2. Use Distilled or Boiled Water or Water Substitutes. …
  3. Use Antioxidants to extend shelf life. …
  4. Use Alcohol as A Preservative. …
  5. Properly Store your Creations.

Should you keep moisturizer in the fridge?

Moisturizers. “These are especially great to keep in the refrigerator if you suffer from rosacea. The chilled moisturizer is like a cold press on the skin, which calms the skin. But check the ingredients before putting moisturizers in the fridge — oil-based products (like coconut oil) could turn solid.”

Can I store vitamin C serum in the fridge?

Ascorbic acid is volatile. That’s why it’s so important to keep it in the dark, cool place after opening. After each application, remove the serum in a cardboard box (yes, do not throw away the package immediately) and place it on the shelf in the refrigerator.

Should you refrigerate retinol?

Products With Active Ingredients

Keeping your retinol moisturizer or benzoyl peroxide acne spot treatment in a dark and cool environment like the fridge will slow down the degradation of the active ingredient.

Should I keep my toner in the fridge?

Toner. Like facial spray, toner can be more effective when it’s applied cold. The chilled liquid helps reduce puffiness and stimulate your face while reducing redness, and the refrigerator can help your toner last longer too.

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Is it bad to keep skincare in the bathroom?

Keep most products away from the steam of the shower, in a dry, cool area of your bathroom or bedroom. And if your skincare comes in powder form, like a powder cleanser or powder sunscreen, be even more cautious. … Even worse, in a bathroom with no windows or fans, the humidity could cause powder to get moldy. Yikes.